Today we will allow ourselves to stay in the period of the Second Polish Republic by presenting another raisin from the upcoming event 💪

Once again, we present a popular coin, present in most collections including silver of the Second Polish Republic, its uniqueness again lies in its condition. It is a specimen in an unusual condition, we can say with full responsibility that it is the most beautiful one we have offered so far.
Perhaps the offered specimen was immortalized on the attached photograph from the state mint… however, opinions on this matter are left to you

Very high grading score – only two of the overall population assessed by the NGC received
a higher grade.

The face value introduced by the reform of January 11, 1924, minted in the years 1924-1925 at the Paris and London mints. Pursuant to the Act of January 20, 1924, silver coins could be used to pay off liabilities up to a maximum of 100 zlotys. The coin was in circulation until December 31, 1932, exchanged at the NBP cash desks in the years 1933-1934.

Coins minted in 1924 in Paris (with mint marks: horn and torch) and in 1925 in London
(with a dot after the date). The total print run from 1924-1925 is 40,000,000.

Coins minted according to the design of Tadeusz Breyer in silver .750, with a diameter of 23mm and a legal weight of 5 g.

Obverse: crowned eagle, in the rim an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA and a year

Reverse: a bust of a girl in a scarf, ears of grain in front of her, above the inscription 1 ZŁOTY

Rim: serrated

We cordially invite you to cooperate, this and many other items will be available for auction at the next auction on November 22nd.


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