Today we will make fans of Gdansk orts have trouble falling asleep.

The material we have prepared is definitely unique, not only in terms of vintages, but mainly in the state of preservation.

Let’s start with the introduction, in 1608 Gdańsk was the first to introduce this denomination into cash. Ort in German meant the fourth part of the unit, which in the case of coins meant
a quarter thaler (in those days 10 groszy).

These coins were minted in a 16-fine fine, with 14 heaps of silver for 2 copper. The silver content was therefore almost 90%! This means that coins from the early years in many cases behave in such good condition.

The value of the orts dropped from year to year because the value of the thaler increased very quickly. It wasn’t until 1616 that the commission resolved beating similar orts (less majestic, but still pretty). It was not until 1620 that the orty of Bydgoszcz began to be beaten today (although the one from 1620 does not belong to the popular, or even very rare), where the administrator was Jakub von Emden.

Interestingly, we can say that these coins were minted from a roller, which gave quite a lot of repeatability. The minter was Samuel Amman, who carved, among other things, stamps for 100 ducats.
Returning to the auction promotion, look what you can get on Saturday!

Ort, which definitely NOBODY can pass by indifferently, the variant with a dot over the bear’s paw, beautiful, gold, old patina, fantastic detail that has no flaws! A perfect specimen, rated by NGC on MS65, which is the maximum. The starting price was 2000, but ort enthusiasts raised the price 2 days before the auction for 7000! This shows how unique this position is, and we are looking forward to the auction of this coin every hour.

If someone does not have early coin age, there will be a good opportunity to complete the collection. Mint 1611, 1613, or 1614, but in the variant with small date digits with a dot above the bear’s paw! A specimen that Szatalin has rated R6 in the specialized catalog of orths!
A great patina and natural shine add to the charm. An incredible treat for very advanced collectors and admirers of the coin plates of this ruler. As a consolation there will be a variety with large date digits.

There will also be later orts, which are usually cheaper. Later does not mean that it is worse. The offer will include a great 1618, a rarer version with a date stamp from 18 to 19, as well
as a beautiful 25.

For dessert, we have 2 Bydgoszcz orts. Both mint and both in note MS62. Beautiful coins for collectors of Bydgoszcz coins.

We are preparing another surprise for you in the evening, so stay tuned and believe that it is worth the wait!

Meanwhile, have a nice evening and enjoy watching the items!

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