Everyone who reviewed our offer saw how strongly the Tsarist Russia department was staffed. We have as many as 150 items from all over Russia! Including many MAXes, specimens of unparalleled beauty and extraordinary freshness. Wanting to choose items to show, we had a real problem! However, we chose a dozen or so, which we hope will appeal to you 😊

To start, the excellent ruble 1842 in note MS63. On the obverse there are the initials of Alexei Chadov – the Petersburg mint master from 1839-1843. Variety with eagle wz. 1841 with 9 feathers in the tail and 8 branches in the wreath. In addition, a coin with a delicate spirit, which is clearly visible under the letter P. Beautiful is also the one from 1844 (MS63), which charm adds an excellent patina!

There are also many kopeks, all of them perfect. Some have a charming patina, and others are natural without tarnish, with a wonderful gloss, like from a mint roll 😉 We put only one page for the view of vintages, the rest for those interested are to check on our Onebid. We have several MAXes there, e.g. 25 kopeks 1860 (MS64 ), 15 kopeks 1879 (MS66 +), 5 rubles 1904 AP (MS67) and several coins that lack one point to MAX, e.g. 5 kopeks 1882 (MS67), 5 kopeks 1884 (MS67), 1 kopek 1893 (MS65 RB), ¼ kopek 1892 (MS65 BN), 5 rubles 1899 (MS65).
There will also be some rarity with gold coins, e.g. 5 ruble from the last year of minting 1911 ЭБ.

One of the most characteristic coins is the ruble of the Romanov dynasty. We will have both shallow and deep beating. Deep appeared in our MAX note in MS64 😊

Undoubtedly, 25 kopeks is one of the rarer denominations. Our specimen from 1896 will appear in a beautiful, dark patina, additionally mint, rated at MS65.

Among the easiest coins to collect are kopecks of Nicholas II. Collecting them in perfect states of preservation, however, is not so easy anymore 😉

A lot of MAX notes will appear at the auction, including 20 kopeks 1910 (MS66 +), 10 kopeks 1910 (MS67), 5 kopeks 1905 (MS67), and 5 kopeks 1915 (MS67).

The coins selected will also show 20 kopeks 1909, 15 kopeks 1902, 10 kopeks 1912, 5 kopeks 1912, and 5 kopeks 1915.

However, these are not all items that are worth paying attention to, but to see more, you must go to www.rda.onebid.pl, you will have access to view, register and auction selected items!

We invite you to visit

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