At our 5th Auction – coinage of Zygmunt August

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Auction tomorrow! We have nothing else to do but show a few more coins to encourage you to register and participate 😉

The coinage of Zygmunt August was planted very strongly.  Beautiful dwudenary, excellent półgrosze and … outstanding czworaki, trojaki and grosz 😀

On the last straight we will show these coins, and in the evening we will also show coins of the Russian partition, which are equally great.

There will be czworak coins from years 1566 (MS63MAX), 1567 (MS62), 1568 (MS64MAX), 1569 (MS63MAX), trojak coins from years 1562 (MS63MAX), 1563 (MS61) and grosz from 1546 (MS62MAX).
As we can see, most are the highest rated coins so far. Coins definitely unique, which is hard to pass by indifferently.

To see them in full splendor, we invite you to watch the video (

A pleasant afternoon!

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