At our E-Auction 7 – foreign coinage

Continuation of works on the auction Today, we have foreign coinage on the wallpaper, in which … there will be something to look at! Both typologically interesting and beautiful coins and medals, and even something something for lovers of boxes (but we will share this another time)  

At our E-Auction 7 – szóstak coins

Do szóstak coins have to be beautiful? No. But it’s cool when they’re interesting then! Below is a pair of krakus coins that are not described by Kamiński and Kurpiewski from our upcoming E-Auction And they won’t be the only szóstak coins of this ruler.

At our E-Auction 6 – phaleristics

Today, the day before the start of the auction, in the morning we decided to propose a category that we are pleased to see more and more in our auctions – phaleristics. Our E-Auction 6 has received a number of interesting and rare items, including badges, decorations, eagles, torsos, and Read more…

E-auction 6 catalog

We are on Biddr and Numisbid! Like every auction, our offer is visible on two of the largest foreign auction portals! We also invite you to download our auction catalog…/EAukcja-6-_compressed.pdf