Auction 11 will start on January 22, 2023 and will last 6 days.

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Auction number X is already history, although we still keep very fond memories of it. We also receive many flattering signals about it, which makes us very happy and ennobles us to make subsequent auctions equally or even more successful.

The January auction number 11 is ahead of us. It will start on January 22 and last for 6 days. We have already introduced well over 1000 items in our offer, and hundreds more are still waiting to be introduced. Below is a short taste of what will be on offer. Starting tomorrow we will start presenting selected items separately.
Those of you who would like to donate interesting and valuable items for the upcoming auction can still do it for a few days, because we will be slowly closing commission acceptances. Therefore, we invite those interested and encourage you to contact us.
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