At our E-Auction 9 – Different faces of Sigismund

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Different faces of Zygmunt. This is how you can call today’s cut of photos from the upcoming
E-Auction. Although all coins bear the same sovereign, it is easy to see the differences in the appearance of each of these busts 😃

You will ask where the differences come from? After all, one ruler could not look so different!

400 years ago it was a bit different. Each engraver carried the appearance as he could, and the following coins are drawn from different hands. In addition, they were minted in various cities and in the years 1592-1622, and after all, 30 years of difference between the year of mintage is really a lot! Please note that the two characteristic features remain the same, the mustache and the beard! We can be sure that our king liked his stubble.

There are many other similarities as well, but we’ll leave the fun to you 🙂

Or maybe they are willing to assign individual mints to the images of Sigismund III Vasa?

We invite you to have fun and to visit the auction catalog on the Onebid platform regularly!


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