As we mentioned in the morning, the II RP coins section at the upcoming event is very extensive, so you will be able to enlarge your collection with the missing elements
We devote the evening to a small coin from that period, i.e. one and two zlotys and grosz coins. The coin that was struck in one of the smallest mintage is 2 zlotys 1936 with the image of Józef Piłsudski. At the same time, it is one of the most frequently counterfeited coins, so it is worth buying such coins at auctions on the Onebid platform, where often even the most advanced counterfeits are quickly caught by collectors.

In the case of the copy from our e-auction, all the features prove unquestionable originality, they are, among others, correctly positioned 6 in the date with a characteristic “tear” and serration with gaps between the notches in the shape of a rectangle. Coin with well-preserved details, with the freshness of the highest parts of the relief, such as an eagle’s tail or cheek.
Mirror without major scratches. The dark, even patina gives the beauty.

Staying with the rarest coins of the Second Polish Republic, the offer also includes a reaper with the letter H, i.e. from the mint in Birmingham. Denomination introduced by the reform of January 11, 1924, minted in the years 1924-1925 at mints in Paris, London, Birmingham and Philadelphia. Pursuant to the Act of January 20, 1924, silver coins could be used to pay off liabilities up to a maximum of 100 zlotys. The coin in circulation until December 31, 1932, was exchanged at the NBP cash desks in the years 1933-1934. A circulating specimen with a correctly preserved detail

Harvesters were minted in various mints (Paris, Birmingham, Warsaw, Philadelphia, London) and in the years (1924 and 1925), which is why the offer included, among others, coins with a horn and a torch (an excellent mint specimen in the MS61 note), or two zloty coins with dot and no dot. To see all harvesters on offer, visit the Onebid platform and enter “SEE” e-auction 6 RDA. The available items from this section are in session 2

Despite their small size, two zlotys can delight with their beauty, this is the case with coins from the upcoming auction. There will be an excellent 2 zlotys Woman Heads set 1932-1934, an excellent, sought-after 2 zlotys 1934 Piłsudski and a fantastic 2 zlotys 1936 Sailing Ship, which you can see below.

When it comes to grosz coins, there is also something for everyone. The auction included both graded and loose coins, so that everyone could choose the right one for their collection
We have attached a few of them below, and the 2 groszy from 1936 that NGC rated on MS66 + deserve special attention!

We wish the collectors of the Second Republic of Poland good luck today, and in the following days we will present an extremely interesting library with literature, a very good collection of Russian coins and other interesting sections from the upcoming auction.


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