Today will be dedicated to items that stand out in their departments from others. We can safely say that they can definitely be included in many, even advanced collections and constitute an ornament in them

There are 6 days and a few hours left to the auction, so we invite you to watch!

At the previous auction, we sold the excellent trojak coin of Stefan Batory, at this auction there will also be some great items, among which the trojak from 1586 from the Riga mint in the MS64 note deserve a mention. Extremely fresh specimen with a very intense mint shine!
The second, typologically more interesting item is the triple 1580 from the mint in Olkusz with the GLAUBICZ coat of arms! The coin was minted in 1580 at the Olkusz mint during the short time when Jan Rokossowski, Glaubicz coat of arms, was in the office of the Grand Treasurer of the Crown.
Coin of great rarity, appreciated by the high R5 and R6 by the creators of catalogs, including the specialist catalog of Polish trojak coins by T. Iger. An item that is missing in many,
even advanced collections! In addition, a well-preserved copy with a nice, natural patina.

The next two coins that we want to present are from the reign of Jan III Sobieski. The first of them is the amazing ort from 1684 from the mint in Bydgoszcz, appreciated with the MS62 note! Despite the badly prepared metal typical for this issue, the specimen is characterized by a beautiful mint shine and well-preserved detail. An item that deserves special attention from collectors of 18th century coins, similar to the trojak from 1685, but with a coin in Krakow.
Like the bigger ‘brother’ from the mint a few hundred kilometers away, the metal was also poorly prepared, however, the freshness of the coin confirms its no-circulation character, and its live appearance almost knocks you down!

The next one will be the coin of Augustus III – a trojak in silver from 1755 from the mint in Gdańsk. A perfectly preserved mint mirror with a strong glow, impeccable impressive details, combined with a multi-colored patina, give an exceptionally pleasant visual perception of the coin. In addition, the coin is secured with the NGC grading, which shows the state of conservation at the level of MS63, which is the second highest result in this company.
A pure silver specimen, occasionally listed on the auction market.

Finally, three nice ort coins of Jan Kazimierz from the mints in Gdańsk, Poznań and Kraków from different years of minting.

In the meantime, have a nice Tuesday and hope to see you at the auction


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