In the morning there was a fast devoted to Russian coins, the evening fell to Austria, Austria-Hungary and Hungary. Again, these are very extensive sections on our auction, which together constitute over 260 items, among which there are a lot of lots, e.g. kronas. As in the case of most departments, we have items both more expensive and cheaper, while most collectors will be able to supplement their collections with the missing denominations, years or varieties, as well as replace items from their collections with slightly nicer items.

One of the most interesting items is the bread basket with coins! Hungarian 20-kreuzers from 1833-1847 and the Patron Bavariae thaler from 1754 are fitted to the base and sides.
The product probably comes from the mid-nineteenth century from Austro-Hungary or Germany, as indicated by the coins used to decorate the product, and the 12-bit (.750) test punch, often used in these countries. It is a very interesting object that can be an interesting addition to the collection

An interesting item is also the Hieronim Józef thaler with an interesting representation on the reverse in a nice condition or an exquisite copy from a fresh stamp of 20 kreuzers 1845 with lots of gloss and a perfect detail that resembles today’s SLR.

The auction will also include lots of nice 50 or 100 Austrian schilling, a copy of 7 kreuzers on 12 kreuzers from 1802, very nice florins, crowns and kreuzers.

There will also be gold, the Franciszek Józef Ducat from 1883 and 10 crowns from 1904.

Finally, 2 pengoes from Rakoczy and Miklos Horthy, 1 forint from Kremnica (of which there will be several) and the thaler of Józef II.

We wish you a peaceful evening and we invite you to register at


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