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This morning will be full of small coins of Tsarist Russia. From 1/2 kopeck up to 20 kopecks of silver, we will show you many selected coins that will surely be a good complement to many collections
For higher denomination coins, you will have to wait until tomorrow

The fifth e-auction will be full of lots from this period. There will be a large cross-section of vintages from most denominations, as well as a range of states of preservation, from circulation coins to mints, selected items that have a chance to obtain high numerical marks.
It is also worth paying attention to the flights, which will appear on the auction, and where you can find beautiful coins.

We want to start our presentation with beautiful half-timbered houses from 1910 and 1911, which have a lot of red and a nice mint gloss. Moving on to the one-bookshelves, the 1896 year deserves special attention, which, despite its patina, has an excellent presence.
For later years, we will propose the years 1914 and 1915 in the NGC grading in MS62 BN, but with a lot of natural red.

The auction will also include coins in denominations of 1/4, 2 or 3 kopecks. We want to finish the copper in a three-pottery box from 1915, in mint condition, in a nice, natural patina.

We start silver with a few delicious 5 kopecks from the years 1897, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1914. Coins from this denomination are harder to obtain, so it is worth being careful when bidding There will also be an incredibly rare 10 kopeck from 1917, which is extremely rare on the market, selected 20 kopecks from 1904, which are also difficult to obtain on the mint.

We invite you to see the photos and we would like to remind you that tomorrow we will show more coins of Tsarist Russia


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