Sigismund III Vasa’s trojak coins is a section very eagerly collected by collectors, mainly thanks to Tadeusz Iger, who published a catalog devoted to 3 Polish grosz coins. Until now,
this publication is most often used by the majority of Polish collectors and auction houses.
We would like to devote today’s evening post to a very extensive section of our auction,
the Polish triplets that were minted in Riga. The auction will include all years, including 1619, and many punctuation and letter variations, including those not described in the Iger’s catalog.

Below we present selected items from individual years to present this interesting section

We start the fast with the triple 1598, an excellent, circumstantial copy with a very nice mint gloss. Then we have a very rare trojak from 1590 in the large-headed NGC note AU58,
a beautiful specimen that is very rare in this state of preservation.

Subsequent coins are also circumstantial, and some of them additionally have a punctuation not described in Iger’s catalog, such as trojak from 1592 with a colon between the DG on the obverse. Beautiful, deserving special attention is also the threefold from 1594,
which NGC rated on the MS60. At the end, a trojak from 1619 will be auctioned off, which is missing from many, even advanced collections.

We will reveal that there are several dozen of all Riga trojak coins, so everyone will find something good and interesting


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