Welcome to the New Year!

There are only 8 days left to the auction, so it’s time to present more items from the upcoming event.

At the beginning of January, we decided to devote a very eagerly collected topic – półtorak coins.

109 lots, including several sets, will be auctioned off as part of the półtorak collection.
There will be coins from the mints in Bydgoszcz, Kraków, from the Swedish occupation of Elbląg, Riga, and also Królewiec. In addition, in the section of Sigismund III Vasa’s coins
(coins from outside the collection) there will be several excellent copies, which are worth paying special attention to

We are pleased to offer you, among others, the extremely rare półtorak from 1615 with the MON NO on the reverse and a clover at the beginning of the legend. In his catalog. Górecki gave the rarity scale F4 on a four-point scale.

It is worth paying attention to the półtorak 1614 SIGI / POLO, or 1616 with a Sas in a hexagon with correctly stamped N letters on the reverse, which is rare in this case. From 1617 we will offer you a variant without shields in the Sas coat of arms, and from 1618, a rare variant with the ending of the PMD legend on the obverse. The year 1619 will be represented, among others, by a półtorak with the letters N on the reverse stamped on the reverse.

In terms of the state of preservation, it will be a lot to choose from  Please just look at the półtorak coins from 1616-1627.

There will also be a few curiosities, including a described but not illustrated copy in the Górecki półtorak 1614 catalog with SIGIS / POL and dots next to the date, 1614 with a ring after MONE, a one-sided półtorak print, or a very interesting destruct.

From the Riga półtorak, today we will only show a rare variety from 1622 with MON NOV and RIG on the reverse and 1620 with a fox separating the legend.

We wish you a lot of health and the achievement of your goals, as well as developing your passion and collection this year More sections from the upcoming auction in the coming days. Until next time!



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