The promised evening fast, as we mentioned earlier, we decided to dedicate to Zygmunt August. Traditionally, many interesting lots will appear at our auction.
There will be denarii, 2-denier, half-grosz, grosz, double-grosz, trojak and czworak coins
So there will be an opportunity to supplement the gaps in this ruler’s collection, which we encourage you to do!

In order not to reveal all the most interesting items, we will show only one two-dollar, for which the MS62 appreciated by NGC, and then we will move on to half a penny, starting in this denomination with a penny from 1546 with the old type of eagle, which is rarer and more willingly bought than half a penny from new type.

When it comes to beautiful, mint coins, there will also be plenty to choose from.
Starting with a half-grosz from 1548, which is in the NGC box in note MS62, a half-grosz from 1549, the rarer 1551, to more popular and slightly less preserved coins like those from 1559, 1560, 1561, 1563, 1564 and 1565 and many others, not shown in this post There will also be specimens and a few flights in circulating states of conservation, but of different years and in different variants. It will therefore be a great opportunity to complete the collection.

Traditionally, we would like to ask if there are sections that you would like to see now?
We will be happy to show you what’s wrong and choose the most interesting items from each session

We wish you a pleasant and peaceful evening!



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