The last days of the year are marked by hard work on the next auction.
This does not mean that we do not respond to your messages and questions (although we apologize in advance for the slippage on our mailboxes, but the last days before opening the catalog is almost 24h / day work on the auction). For today, due to several questions, we are only rushing with a mini advertisement of a few SAP coins, which is also an answer to the question whether, apart from the mirror two, we will also present selected items of this king.
In addition to the few coins shown in the photos, you will have several dozen others to choose from, from the rare ones in terms of occurrence, such as the half-grosz disclosed today, to the rare ones due to their condition, such as a selected zloty or a sensational half-zloty.

We invite you to follow our website and comment widely, as well as contact us. Nothing mobilizes us and gives us more energy than interacting with you





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