Today we want to focus on the category that is one of the most interesting in our auction – the collection of Jan III silver coins.

We will certainly devote more than one post to it, because there is plenty to write about.
With a set built in an unknown way, without good (accurate) literature – and until this period only ort coins can be considered well developed – it is not easy to create descriptions.

In the case of varieties, the matter is quite simple – coats of arms, dates etc. But how to distinguish a variant so that it is not too detailed and at the same time could constitute the curiosity of a relatively homogeneous denomination, which are szóstak coins?

Today we will show only three specimens and it’s the same.

Krakow szóstak coins with an error in writing the face value in numbers, corrected on a stamp.
In place of the original IV, VI was correctly minted.
Interestingly, this variant has not been separated in the literature so far.

We invite you to view the entire category!

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