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Two hours ago we posted a promotional video with coins of the Second Polish Republic, now we would like to show you some interesting Silesian coins.

3 kreuzers 1629 Albrecht von Wallenstein is a coin associated not only with Silesia, but also with the Czech Republic. A selected specimen that NGC rated on the MS63 which is the highest score.

Another great position are 3 kreuzers 1707 from the Mint in Wroclaw. Another specimen in the MAX note in NGC MS63. The coin has a beautiful shine and great detail.

A very interesting coin is the trojak from the Duchy of Cieszyn of Adam Wacław.
The punctuation variant on the reverse not described in Igera, combined with an excellent condition makes it an excellent complement to the collection of Silesian trojaks or coins.

In excellent condition, there will also be 3 kreuzers of Sylviusz Fryderyk or 6 kreuzers
of Leopold I.

We will end the promotion of Silesian coins with an interesting issue. It is a one-sided
1/2 kreuzer 1681 from the mint in Opole, which sporadically occurs in trade.

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