Coins of Jan Kazimierz are gaining more and more fans. From small boratyneks, through shillings, półtoraks to szóstaks, orts and ducats. Therefore, we will also offer interesting items to collectors of the same ruler 🙂

For starters, a beautiful szóstak 1660 GBA (Giovanni Battista Amuretti, tenant of the Lviv mint) in note MS60. A nice, mint copy, but with a sheet metal defect that receives some charm.
Still, the item is worth attention 🙂

The second szóstak, which you can safely recommend, is Bydgoszcz from 1661. Despite the typical defects of the sheet, we can observe a beautiful gloss and nice detail. It is worth looking at the pretty Bydgoszcz coin from 1663.

There will also be two beautiful Gdansk orts on the auction. Both with virtually no circulation, but stamped with tired stamps.

For grosz lovers we recommend the one minted in 1652 with the legend PO M D L, which Ivanauskas estimated as RR.

Moving to shillings we can start with the rarest one of the Wschowa mint. The coin is sporadic in trade and is missing in many collections.

At the end a few nice boratyneks for lovers of copper coins 🙂

Only 1 day left to the auction! We invite you to watch and register at

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