At our Auction 9 – Excellent coins from the interwar period

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It’s time to show off the upcoming auction. As we know, many collectors are fascinated by coins of the Second Polish Republic, which is why today’s post is addressed to them.

What would an auction be without the fine coins from the interwar period? Once again, we have been trusted by you, so now we want to show you the items that were obtained for the upcoming event!

The coins presented today do not have grading, which is why they are an ideal proposition for people who do not like plastic packaging, as well as for those who are looking for selected items to be graded.

At the beginning, an amazing, selected Banner, which is one of the prettiest we have had in our offer so far. The coin is in an unprecedented condition, with a delicate patina with a perfectly preserved mint gloss. Definitely recommendable, even for very advanced harvests!

Another item that is difficult to obtain in perfect condition is a small 2 zloty coin with the image of Józef Piłsudski. A coin with a fresh appearance with perfectly preserved detail, special attention is paid to Piłsudski’s very well-preserved cheek and eyebrow, which are crucial places when assessing the state of preservation. A rare item in this state of preservation. An exquisite coin with a satin gloss on both sides. Coin for the best coin collections of the 2RP period.

The zloty with the image of a woman with ears of corn from 1925, with a phenomenal presentation, is also noteworthy. An extraordinary coin, undoubtedly able to decorate any collection of small interwar coins.

Another iconic items are 10 zlotys with images of Romuald Traugutt and Jan III Sobieski. Both the first and the second are excellent specimens that can supplement more than one collection with another excellent item.

Finally, a beautiful 2 zloty 1936, on which a sailing ship is visible.

And how do you like it? These and other items will be available for auctions from April 9-10 on Onebid!


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