At our Auction 7 – grosz coins of Stefan Batory

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Do we have grosz coins fans here?
If so, they will be satisfied! Why? The phenomenal Vilnius grosz 1580 will appear at our auction on April 10! The first year of Vilnius grosz coins in a variety with a trefoil above the shields on the reverse, with LIT / LITVA legends ending, is one of the rare items in trade. Kopicki gave the rarity to the R6, while Ivanauskas in his more precise study focusing on the Vilnius mint RR in a four-point scale.

The coin is struck with a slightly worn-out stamp, but fully legible and with a lot of gloss. We definitely recommend it!

Obverse: along the rope edge a crowned royal bust in plate armor facing right, along the outer edge legend:

Reverse: along the rim edge, crowned coats of arms with the coats of arms of the Crown, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the coat of arms of Dragon’s Teeth of Batory, above the trefoil shields, the date 15-80 is separated under the shields; along the outer rim:

The next two copies that we want to show are from the Gdańsk mint from 1578 and 1579, respectively. Apparently only one year of difference in beating, while iconographic and stylistically the difference is huge! In 1579, there was a huge change to the coat of arms, where many graphic elements were added. The grosz from 1578 is characterized by simplicity in execution and minimalism, while in 1579 the “ring” mark of Jan and Kacper Goebls – tenants of the municipal mint and a decorative cartouche topped with a palm were added.

The year 1578 was the first in terms of minting in the Gdańsk mint, the specimen from our auction is a beautiful, mint specimen with a lot of gloss on both sides. Well-stamped, where the relief quality and the general condition of the metal structure of the prepared disc deserve special attention, which, with these grosz coins, is usually characterized by a matte porous background and poor detail, even with mint pieces. Unprecedented state of preservation.

Variation without an asterisk after GEDANENSIS, on the obverse punctuation in the form of dots, on the reverse in the form of asterisks. The coin appreciated with the MS62 note!

The year 1579 is without a box, but also beautiful. The second and last year of pennies minted in Gdańsk during the reign of Stefan Batory in RON.

Obverse: along the pearl edge, the crowned coat of arms of Gdańsk in a decorative cartouche topped with a palm tree, on its sides abbreviation of the dates 7-9, along the outer edge a legend ending with the “ring” sign of Jan and Kacper Goebls – tenants of the city mint:

Reverse: along the rim of the rope, a bust in a crown and plate armor with visible six buttons of the fastening on the collar, along the outer edge the legend:


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