I think we already know what will be on the cover of the auction in April… 

An excellent specimen of a huge rarity of the coin – the Gdańsk ducat of Władysław IV Vasa from 1641!

Variant with colons after L and RVS in the reverse legend.

This item is absent from most, even the most advanced collections. Few quotes confirm the outstanding rarity of this stock.

An additional advantage for the future buyer will certainly be the fact that this copy was used by J. Dutkowski as an illustration of this particular variety in the specialized catalog “Gold of the Vasa Dynasty”. The item that is the best today and – certainly – in the coming decades the reference for gold denominations minted during the reign of this dynasty liked by collectors.

Thanks to this advantage, despite the inconspicuous sizes, in relation to, for example,
rare donations, this item can be a decoration of many collections of Polish coins,
and even ducats!

Ducat, also highly appreciated by Tyszkiewicz, who valued it at 40 marks.


Obverse: along the rim, a cartouche with the town’s coat of arms supported by two lions, based on a heart-shaped console, topped with palm leaves and a standing twig, under the feet of the lions, the initials G-R of Gerhardt Rogge – a tenant of the mint in the years 1639-1656; along the outer edge surrounded by a wreath:


Reverse: along the string edge, a royal bust in a crown with four visible bows decorated with numerous jewels, with five rosette fleurons separated by pearls,
with a hoop decorated with jewels in a system of two vertically arranged round jewels and one jewel in the shape of a cross or rosette (the engraving probably reflects the crown immortalized in the famous portrait of the king by Peeter Danckers de Rij), in armor with a wide lace collar lined with a coat , with the Order of the Golden Fleece on a chain with 5 flints visible,
facing right, along the outer rim legend:


Literature: CNG 234.III, Dutkowski 212 (R5-R6), Kopicki 7587 (R5), Kamiński-Kurpiewski 212 (R5), Tyszkiewicz 40 Mk

We definitely recommend it today! A position that may not appear in trade for many years, practically unlisted on the Polish auction market!

PS: We forgot to add – the coin is in note MS61


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