At our Auction 7 – coins of Sigismund II Augustus

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The coins of Zygmunt August at auction VII, despite a relatively small amount, will definitely allow to supplement many collections
Starting with the smallest representatives of this ruler, we can distinguish obol coins,
which is a lack in many collections of this ruler. A tiny, often imperfect coin is extremely simple. The obverse features a crowned royal monogram, while the reverse of Gedymin’s Pillars
in a decorative cartouche, with the date of issue 15-46 on the sides. Obol coins was struck
in Vilnius, of course, like most coins of this ruler.

Another problem with finding coins in nice states by many collectors of 16th century coins are denariuses, i.e. coins, which were the basic means of payment at that time. The basic question is why is it extremely difficult to find minted denariuses? A small disc, a badly prepared sheet metal, numerous defects, a multitude of coins for small transactions – that is, a large number of coins in circulation meant that most of the copies are between the 2nd and 4th state of preservation. At auction 7, the offer includes 3 denariuses, which we are pleased to offer you. The first one is from 1555 – the specimen, despite being slightly damaged, is fantastically preserved and most of the details are visible. The next two copies are great examples of what denariuses should look like. We are talking about the years 1556 and 1557, which were appreciated with the highest marks in NGC – MS63! The icing on the cake is the 1559 denarius which, thanks to its fantastic detail and freshness, received an extremely high MS64 rating!

Moving on to the coin with a larger denomination, we will stop for a moment at three nice półgrosz coins from the years 1547, 1548 and 1550, which are great examples of coinage coins. Then we have a pretty grosz for the Polish rate. The second year (1548) is an interesting issue with a value of 1-1/4 grosz per Lithuanian rate.

Finally, three nice trojak coins from 1562-1564 from the Vilnius mint

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