At our Auction 11 – A beautiful, selected, mint specimen of the Kraków denarius without the date of Władysław II the Exile

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A beautiful, selected, mint specimen of the Krakow denarius without a date of Władysław II the Exile, Prince with a pennant, in an extremely charming patina, with a beautiful glow. The offered denarius is a continuation of the motif of fighting with a lion, but with a new obverse, depicting a prince with a banner and a shield. According to Stronczyński, the type was struck briefly, which is confirmed by the finds of that time: in Urbanice it constituted only 1.5% of Władysław’s large group of 1,700 coins, and in the hoard in Golice there were only 3 of them. A huge rarity in such excellent condition. The coin is certainly destined for the best collections.…/monety-wladyslaw-ii…/1554588


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