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Rarity or state of preservation? This is the question that has been asked of collectors around the world for many, many years. Basically everyone has a different approach and the most common answer is “it depends”.

Today we will place 3 coins in front of you and let everyone try to answer what they would choose 😉

The first coin is the extremely rare grosz of Stefan Batory from 1580, minted in Olkusz. The coin features the Glaubicz coat of arms (a fish) placed in the SHIELD, between the coats of arms of Poland and Lithuania.

The highest rarity levels in Kopicki and Kurpiewski’s catalogs, Tyszkiewicz’s valuation is 60 marks in gold.

In the archives of Polish companies, we found only one more copy of this variety, recorded in 2002!

Phenomenal specimen sought in every state of preservation!

The next two coins are excellently preserved trojak coins, one is a Riga coin from 1586 in the MS63 note, while the other one is minted in 1583 in Vilnius. Both coins are beautiful and can be a decoration in many collections.

We invite you to answer, state of preservation or rarity?

And the coins will be available at the next e-auction, see the catalog on the Onebid website!


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